Our wax hair removal technicians take the utmost care to protect the health and the elasticity of your skin. At our clinic, we apply the wax warm and remove it gently, leaving your skin absolutely smooth and silky. Our refined waxing technique is comfortable and will give you the smoothest skin!  Come learn why so many people love getting their hair removal done at  Delta Spa & Massage and make an appointment today.

Upper Lip10 minutes$6Book Now
Chin10 minutes$6Book Now
Eyebrow20 minutes$12Book Now
Half Leg30 minutes$20Book Now
Full Leg45 minutes$40Book Now
Under Arm10 minutes$12Book Now
Half Arm20 minutes$17Book Now
Full Arm30 minutes$34Book Now
Bikini Wax30 minutes$34Book Now
Back1 hour$35Book Now
Chest1 hour$35Book Now
Brazilian45 minutes$43Book Now
Bikini & Full Leg1 hour$68Book Now

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